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A revolution is in the making.
Let's ensure you're a part of it. 

We are a Cardano stake pool committed to 

facilitating the adoption of decentralized systems 

in places that need it most. 


Together we can help form an inclusive 

world where opportunity  

is available for everyone         

Why Stake With Us?

We believe that an even playing field is the best playing field. Thus, L₳LKUL’s fundamental goal is to catch you up with the rest of the blockchain community. By providing a comprehensive, free and dynamic environment our team is confident that you’ll be familiarized with the Cardano ecosystem in no time.

What We Offer

Stake Pool Info

Active Stake 
₳ 1.52 M
₳ 120,000


Fixed Fee
₳ 340



Pool ID 

Anchor 1

Cardano Wallets 


Daedalus is a full node desktop wallet developed by IOHK. Once installed on your computer, you will possess a complete copy of the Cardano blockchain in which all blocks and transactions are validated.

Daedalus runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It occupies around 6 GB of storage on your device and takes about 1 - 2 hrs to install.


Yoroi is a light wallet. It is accessible through either a browser (as an extension) or mobile app. The wallet functions by linking to a full Cardano node hosted by a third party (Emurgo) rather than storing the full blockchain on your device.

Yoroi runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It occupies around 6 MB of storage on your device and is set up instantly after downloading. 



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